Li-ion Battery Protection IC
Product Details
BX100 is a highly integrated solution for lithium ion/polymer battery protection. Contains advanced power MOSFET, high precision voltage detection circuit and delay circuit. It has an ultra-small DFN 2*2-6 package with only one peripheral material, making it an ideal choice for applications in limited battery pack space. BX100 has various protection functions such as battery overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and load short-circuit protection, etc., accurate overcharge voltage detection ensures charging safety and full utilization.There is only a very low leakage current during the stored procedure.
The BX100 is suitable not only for digital phones, but also for other information devices that need to be powered by lithium-ion and lithium-ion batteries to extend their battery life as much as possible.
· Protect charger reverse connection
· Protect battery everse connection
· Integrated power MOSFET in 55 m Ω RSS (ON)
· Overheating protection
· Overcurrent protection
· Two-step overcurrent detection
  - Over discharge current
  - Load short circuit protection
· Charger detection function
· Empty battery charging function
· Power consumption as low as 300nA
· High precision delay time
· Comply with RoHS standard, lead-free
· Super small DFN 2*2-6 package
· Single cell lithium ion battery pack
· Li-polymer