Committed to the research and development of Bluetooth Low Energy chip, BlueXMicro has obtained tens of millions of RMB A+ round of financing learned that The Low Energy Bluetooth chip developer BlueXMicro recently announced in the investment led by Singapore’s Temasek Temasek Xiangfeng investment in A+ round of financing to obtain tens of millions of RMB of investment, with the old shareholders aurora Borealis venture capital. It is reported that this round of financing funds will mainly be used to develop the next generation of products, marketing and team building.

Founded in June 2015, BlueXMicro is a chip design company focusing on wearable devices, which is dedicated to the research and development of ultra-low energy and low-cost Bluetooth core chip technology and its applications in wearable and Internet of Things fields. The company’s product line includes ultra-low-energy wireless communication SoC, nA level power management and sensor processors. Founded by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur Li Hongyu, Universum currently has offices in  Hefei, ShenZhen.

“The design of the Bluetooth chip requires the integration of the HF/RF Bluetooth module with the ARM core and numerous IO, as well as an easy-to-develop software architecture. The design difficulty is not as’ simple ‘as the outside world thinks.” Li hongyu said. “The functionality, power consumption and robustness of the Bluetooth chip are all important indicators of product performance. In these respects, Universum is able to do the same as foreign products, can do import substitution.”

At present, BlueXMicro team has a total of 50 people, of which r&d engineers account for 80%. It is reported that in September 2015, the company received the first round of investment from Huami Technology, Huaying Fund and Hefei Innovation Technology Venture Capital Co., LTD. In September 2018, the company obtained A series A financing of 60 million yuan jointly invested by Northern Light Venture Capital and General Venture Capital.

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