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Bluetooth 5.1 vs 5.0: Difference Between Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.1

What are Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.1?

What is Bluetooth 5.0?

The release of Bluetooth 5.0 brings faster data rates and lower power consumption to the wireless market. An optional 2M PHY cuts packet transmission time in half, and two long-range PHYs extend device range to four times the Bluetooth 4x version; while enhanced advertising profiles mean Bluetooth 5.0 has 8 times the capacity of the previous generation . 2 Mbps increase in data transfer speed greatly reduces latency issues with most Bluetooth connections and Bluetooth transfers

What is Bluetooth 5.1?

Bluetooth 5.1 provides a new direction . Bluetooth 5.1 can find an exact location within an inch or a few centimeters. , GATT caching, random advertisements and periodic advertisement synchronization. Combining these features can provide faster, lower power connections, reduce packet collisions, improve packet error rate (PER) and enable better energy management

What makes Bluetooth 5.1 a great better option than Bluetooth 5.0?

Bluetooth 5.1 vs 5.0: Accurate location

That should be one of the unique features found on Bluetooth 5.1. The Bluetooth 5.0 could provide you information on how far the receiver is, but Bluetooth 5.1 lets you find the exact location. This is achieved through Bluetooth signal strength detection in the case of Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.1 uses more antennas and thus pinpoints the exact direction, and signal strength determines the distance. Therefore, Bluetooth 5.1 can find an exact location within an inch or a few centimeters.

Bluetooth 5.1 vs 5.0: GATT Caching

GATT Caching has been able to speed up the connection of the devices that have been connected previously. Each time the two devices connect, the two devices exchange information on what other devices support. In Bluetooth 5.0, the devices need to check the whereabouts of the devices connected quite often. In Bluetooth 5.1, this process is skipped. Instead, if the information has not changed from the initial pairing, the required data is checked against the cache, which uses less power. You will thus be able to get access to a faster connection.

Bluetooth 5.1 vs 5.0: Connection advertising capability

This is yet another powerful option you will find quite impressive on Bluetooth 5.1. The devices begin broadcasting their availability the moment that they are powered on. So, for example, the Bluetooth speakers or earbuds will start looking for a device to connect when they are removed from the case or switched on. Bluetooth 5.1 comes with an advanced feature referred to as randomized advertising channel indexing. So each of the devices would run on a specific channel. That would ensure that your connection is not interrupted by the other Bluetooth devices even when they are in close vicinity.

Conclude the above narrative about the difference between bluetooth 5.0 and 5.1; some of the advantages that you stand to gain with Bluetooth 5.1 can be summarised as follows–

  • A perfect and better audio quality and clarity
  • The improved range between your devices
  • More robust Bluetooth connectivity despite being indoors
  • Lesser lags between your devices. This will enhance a seamless wireless experience.
  • Lesser power consumption
  • Better and accurate detection of the Bluetooth devices.
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