BlueX Microelectronics Co., Ltd

  • 50 to 100 employees
    Core members have more than 10 years of chip design experience
  • The company was established in October 2015 in Hefei High-tech Zone. Currently, it has office in Shanghai and Shenzhen, with 50 to 100 employees. Set chip design, production and sales in one, focus on BLE SoC. Series of products in addition to the core of ultra-low power consumption BLE SoC chip, and ultra low power lithium battery protection chip, ultra-low power RTC clock switch and watchdog monitoring ultra-low power consumption chip, is widely used in intelligent wear, intelligent household, industrial control, urban areas such as wisdom, is the domestic first do this into a line of brand apparel customers replace Dialog BLE domestic chip companies. At present has obtained many well-known venture capital company investment.