Bluetooth Low Energy SoC
Product Details

·    BLE5.0 supports 1Mbps/2Mbps switching


·    Support SIG Mesh


·    Meet BQB/SRRC/FCC/CE testing standard

·    CPU Benchmarking:2.07 Coremark/Mhz


·    Radio frequency (RF)

 ·  Operating frequency band: 2.4~2.5GHz

 ·  1Mbps mode reception sensitivity: -93 dBm

 ·  2Mbps mode reception sensitivity: -90 dBm

 ·  RF output power: -20dbm ~ +8dBm

 ·  50dB RSSI dynamic range

 ·  The ideal DCDC converter has a receiving current of 3.4mA and transmitting current of 3.5mA at 4.3V

 ·  When the DCDC converter is 4.3V, the receiving current is 4.3mA and the transmitting current is 4.4mA

 ·  When the DC DC converter is 3.3V, the receiving current is 5.5mA and the transmitting current is 5.6mA


·    Clock and octave

 ·  32MHz crystal and RC oscillator

 ·  32KHz crystal and RC oscillator

 ·  Support 96 MHZ / 80 MHZ, 64 MHZ / 48 MHZ / 32 MHZ / 16 MHZ clock output


·    Analog interface

 ·  1-way 10-bit AD

 ·  Battery monitoring range: 2.0V~5.0

 ·  Temperature sensor range: -40~85


·    Digital interface

 ·   27GPIO

 ·   5 channel PWM output

 ·   IO state is maintained during deep sleep

 ·   2 channel SPI host: speed up to 24Mbps and each channel has 2 chip options

 ·   1 channel SPI slave: up to 8Mbps

 ·   2 channel UART: flow control rate up to 1Mbps, support all baud rates below 1Mbps, support infrared

 ·   2-channel I2C:  can be master and slave, the maximum speed is 1Mbps

 ·  2 timers and 1 watchdog


·    Built-in MCU

 ·  4-way buffer

 ·  SWD debug interface

 ·  AHB/APB bus clock rate up to 96MHz


·    Ultra low power consumption

 ·  Sleep current 2.5uA~6uA: SRAM (16~208KB) can be customized

 ·  1.28 seconds broadcast current: 20uA



·    Memory cell

 ·  208KB OF SRAM is configurable and can be configured independently per 32KB

 ·  128KB ROM (boot ROM and BLE protocol stack)

 ·  External SPI Flash's 4-way 16KB buffer enables the CPU to run in external SPI Flash. When the cache is disabled, the 16KB buffer can be used as memory

 ·  Reserve 32KB of swap memory for BLE connection data


·    Power management

 ·  Integrated DCDC step-down converter

 ·  2.3~5.0V voltage input

 ·  1-channel outputs 1.8V LDO of 40mA

 ·  2-channel output is 50mA and 25mA LDO respectively

 ·  Operating temperature: -40~105


·    Encryption engine

 ·  ECC

 ·  AES-128


·    Encapsulation

 ·  QFN 52 pins 6mm X 6mm