Bluetooth Low Energy SoC
Product Details
BX2400 is a system chip that integrates an application processor, memory, encryption engine, power management unit, digital and analog peripherals, as well as a MAC engine and wireless transceiver compliant with Bluetooth 5.0. A 32-bit micro controller is integrated in the BX2400 for BLE link layer management and system operation. Rich digital and analog peripheral interfaces are optimized for external control, including GPIO, SPI, UART, IIC, PWM, ADC and LDOs. The POWER management unit and on-chip DCDC step-down converters and various regulators make the BX2400 ultra-low power consumption a reality.
  • Compatible with BLE 5.0, support 1Mbps/2Mbps data switching
  • Support SIG Mesh
  • Meet BQB/SRRC/FCC/CE testing standards
  • CPU Benchmarking:2.07 Coremark/Mhz
● Transceiver radio:

· Working frequency:2.4~2.5GHz

· 1Mbps mode receiving sensitivity rate-93dBm

· 2Mbps mode receiving sensitivity rate-90dBm

· RF output power level: -20dBm to +8dbm

· 50dB RSSI dynamic range

· The ideal DCDC converter has a receiving current of 3.4mA and transmitting current of 3.5mA at 4.3V

· When the DC DC converter is 4.3V, the receiving current is 4.3mA and the transmitting current is 4.4mA

· When the DC DC converter is 3.3V, the receiving current is 5.5mA and the transmitting current is 5.6mA

● Clock and Octave: 

· 32MHz crystal and RC oscillator

· 32KHz crystal and RC oscillator

· Supports 96/80/64/48/32/16mhz octave

● Analog interface:

· 10-bit ADC (oversampling to 12-bit)

· Temperature sensor range: -40℃~85℃

● Digital interface

· Up to 27 GPIOs

· 5 PWM outputs

· IO state is maintained during deep sleep

· Four - line SPI Flash interface

· 2 channel SPI host: speed up to 24Mbps and each channel has 2 chip options

· 1 channel SPI slave: speed up to 8Mbps

· 2 channel UART: flow control up to 1Mbps, support all baud rates below 1Mbps, support infrared

· 2-channel I2C: can be master and slave, the maximum speed is 1Mbps

· 2 way timer and 1 way watchdog

● Built-in MCU:

· 4-way cache

· SWD debug interface

· AHB/APB bus clock rate up to 96MHz

● Ultra-low power consumption:

· Sleep current 2.5uA~6uA: SRAM (16~208KB) customizable

· 1.28 seconds broadcast current: 20uA

 Storage unit:

· 208KB OF SRAM is customizable and each 32KB of SRAM can be set independently

· 128KB ROM (start ROM and BLE protocol stack)

· External SPI Flash's 4-way 16KB cache enables the CPU to run in external SPI Flash. When the cache is disabled, the 16KB cache can be used as memory

· Reserve 32KB of swap memory for BLE connection data

● Power management:

· Integrated DCDC step-down converter

· 2.3-5.0V voltage input

· 1 channel 1.8V LDO 40mA output

· 2-channel 3.3V LDO 50mA and 30mA outputs

· Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 105℃

● Encryption engine:



● Footprint:

·QFN 52 pins 6mm*6mm 27GPIOs


  • Wear
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Work Control
  • Smart Home
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Health care
  • Consumer electronics