Watchdog Timer
Product Details
The BX300 is a voltage monitoring circuit used to monitor the level of power supply voltage in a microprocessor and the integrity of code execution. In addition to providing a power-on reset signal, the watchdog timer on the circuit can reset the microprocessor if there is no response when the microprocessor times out, also input the reset signal manually, It is very suitable for power systems that are sensitive to power consumption, such as battery-powered portable devices or energy meters. The BX300 has a watchdog disable input, which allows the user to disable the watchdog function when needed. BX300 has 6 balls and the package is WLCSP 1.46mm*0.96mm. The working temperature is between -40℃~+85℃.
· The power consumption is as low as 134nA
· No blank continuous monitoring
· Voltage monitoring threshold can be adjusted in advance
· Threshold readiness in the typical temperature range is +/-1.3%
· Manual reset
· 200ms typical reset timeout
· Watchdog timer and watch dog disable input signals
· Low effective open-drain reset output
· Strong softening immune to malfunction
· Package 1.46mm x 0.96mm WLCSP.
· Operating temperature range :-40°C to +85°C.
· Portable battery powered equipment
· Microprocessor system
· Energy meter
· Energy harvesting