[China IC Top List of Companies with the Most Growth Potential Candidate45] BlueXMicro

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In the future, there will be one trillion intelligent IoT nodes, and the biggest bottleneck of intelligent IoT is power consumption and stability. In the context of the explosive growth of low energy, battery-powered IoT devices, meeting the low energy and low-cost requirements of IoT devices has become a "focus".
Hefei BlueXMicro technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "BlueXMicro") was founded in June 2015, is Huami Co., HuaYing venture capital, JiangMen venture capital, Vertex Ventures such as semiconductor chip research and development, the design company involved in investment, focusing on intelligent wearable and iot wireless communication chip research and development and design, is only a substitute in the first-line brand chip companies abroad.
It has been learned that at the beginning of its establishment, BlueXMicro aims to benchmark the products of world-class companies. Aiming at wearable applications, it has independently developed the GPU IP core, which is the only Bluetooth SoC integrated with GPU in the world.
At present, nearly half of the company's chips are exported to American customers. Its main product line is low-power Bluetooth SoC, which covers wearable wristband watches, smart lighting, logistics tracking, water and electricity meters, vehicle, medical, remote control, keyboard and mouse, smart lock, smart home and other customers
BlueXMicro disclosed to JiWei Network that BlueXMicor Bluetooth Low Energy  is oriented to applications with low energy consumption and high stability. Low energy characteristics do not refer only to Bluetooth transmission and reception or low power consumption during sleep, but more focus on the average current in periodic interaction wake up, as well as the stability of the single chip operation.
At present, the monthly shipment of MINUS maintains 2 million sets, and it is estimated that 2021 Q2 will reach 4 million sets per month.
BlueXmicro said, the current league farce BlueXMicro Bluetooth Low Energy  SoC the average current has reached world leading level (1.28 seconds to cycle around 20 ua) in 2021, BlueXMicro will launch the next generation multi-core BX2401 low energy  heterogeneous wireless SoC products in addition to maintain a 4.3 V lithium battery power management features, such as high-speed CPU on power consumption, BX2401 further will greatly reduce the average current cycle is about 10 to 1.28 seconds ua, BX2401 integrated CPU, GPU and three nuclear Core, Also has support BL5.2 greatly increase SRAM to 2M Bytes 48 GPIO support voice support BLE5.1 AOA/AOD, built-in 32.768 crystal oscillator, greatly reduce PCB external parts and other product features and functions. In addition to the upcoming launch of the next generation of extensible multi-core heterogeneous Bluetooth Low Energy SoC products in 2021, MINUS will also launch a very low latency private 24GHz products for the e-sports keymouse in 2022, MINUS will further launch a full Bluetooth Low Energy multi-core MCU products
In the future, we will continue our expertise in low-energy CMOS sub-value circuit design and continue to provide the best high-quality Bluetooth Low Energy SoC single chip for the domestic and international markets.